My goal was simple, to go makeup free and let my skin live and thrive in a natural state.

As a professional dancer, my face is literally my money maker. And even though my skin care struggles were mild compared to others, I would look at my face in the mirror and think “I’d like my skin better with a little foundation or little concealer”. I just wasn’t confident with my skin.


I simply didn’t take good care of my skin.

Over the past few years, I’ve noticed dark spots and scarring beginning to surface on my face. I also felt like my skin lost a little brightness, tightness and glow. I really feel it’s due to the lack of skin care knowledge in my teenage years, I simply didn’t take good care of my skin. So, about a year ago, I decided to get my first facial.


My skin broke out then dried out and I was back to square one.

I was referred to an esthetician at a salon but all she did was a few chemical peels that felt way too harsh for my skin. And at the end of the facial she was asking me to spend $400 on the products she used on me but I passed. Good thing because after the facial I didn’t see any benefits.


I knew I wanted her to work on my skin.

Luckily, I found Fatima through my friend Andrea. She showed me Fatima’s Instagram and from there I went to her website and yelp. I was so impressed with her work, her reviews spoke for themselves and I knew I wanted her to work on my skin.


I was able to completely shut off, relax and just enjoy the experience which is something that’s hard for me to do.

I enjoyed so many things about the facial. The space, the energy, the music, it’s exactly what you imagine a dream facial to be like. Fatima even took the time to explain each product, it’s ingredients and benefits before putting it on my skin which was so nice because it can be scary to have random things rubbed onto your face. Everything about the experience made me feel so comfortable.


It was so refreshing to have a professional recommend products she truly believed would help me.

After my facial, Fatima explained the only way to achieve my skin goals long-term is to treat my skin with effective products consistently. But, the big difference here is that Fatima doesn’t sell the products she recommends and she doesn’t make a commission on them either. It was so refreshing to have a professional recommend products she truly believed would help me. She even took the time to explain why the products were good for my specific skin and how to use them properly. I visited Sephora that same night and bought all the products. I was surprised at how affordable the products were too!


I’m so much more confident in my skin and it feels SO GOOD

It’s been about 2 weeks since my facial and my new product regimen and I’m already so much more confident in my skin. Friends and family have even noticed. I’ve gotten so many compliments like “Your skin is glowing!” and “I love this no makeup look on you!”. I haven’t worn makeup outside of work. I’m so much more confident in my skin and it feels SO GOOD!

Since seeing Fatima I have so much more knowledge about skin care and my specific skin. She’s so professional and so thorough and you can really tell she cares about her clients. It’s so comforting knowing I have Fatima there to look out for me. Thank you Fatima, you’ve earned yourself a client for life.

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Kendra is a professional dancer represented by BlocLA. Most recently, she performed with Beyonce at Coachella 2018.

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