All About Oil and Acne

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Oil imbalance is the root cause of most acne problems.

Your skin can’t defend bacteria well if it’s getting too little or too much oil.

Clear skin is all about keeping your oil production in balance.


Why does my body produce oil?

Your natural body oil moisturizes your skin and prevents bacteria growth.


Where does the oil come from?

Your dermis makes the oil and sends it through your pores and onto your skin.


How is a pimple made?

Pimples are created when bacteria gets into a pore.

Your body closes the pore and sends white blood cells to kill the infection.

Finally, your body pushes everything out of the pore and you see a pimple.


Why too little oil is bad.

When your skin doesn’t get enough oil, it becomes dehydrated.

When your skin is dehydrated it literally cracks.

These cracks make it much easier for bacteria to get under your skin.


Why too much oil is bad.

Extra oil makes it easier for bacteria to stick to your face.

The more bacteria on your face, the more likely it is going to get into your pore and create a pimple.


The worst of both worlds.

If your skin is dehydrated for an extended period of time, your body will produce more oil to try and compensate for the lack of moisture.

This means more bacteria is sticking to your face and more bacteria is seeping into the cracks of your dry skin.


Never pick or pop a pimple.

This can make breakouts big, red and painful.

It can cause more acne.

It can leave scars.


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