The products you use should be made for your specific skin type.

Based on my experience, there aren’t a set number of skin types.

Instead, your skin type is a blend of three areas:

1. Genetic Sensitivity

We’re born with different skin sensitivities.

Some of us have thin, delicate skin that can only handle gentle ingredients

Others have extremely thick, resilient skin that can handle stronger ingredients.

2. Hydration Level

Hydrated skin is healthy skin.

Dehydrated skin is damaged skin.

The longer your skin has been dehydrated, the more damaged it is and the more delicately it should be treated.

3. Current Issues

If you’re experiencing acne, scars, uneven texture, large pores, redness, irritation, dully or flaky skin you should be using products with ingredients that target your issue(s).


Not all skin care products are created equal and a product is only as good as the ingredients that are inside.

Many of the most popular products have harsh ingredients that can make things worse.

Always pay close attention to your skin when trying something new.

You shouldn’t feel burning, itching or irritation.

You shouldn’t feel dry or oily.

You should notice an improvement.

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Is It Time For New Products?

The products you use at home every single day have the biggest impact on your skin.

If you’re not seeing improvement, it’s time for new products.

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Fatima overcame her skin issues naturally and has since dedicated herself to helping others do the same.

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