We all age and we all get wrinkles.

But, there are two things you can do to have the fewest wrinkles possible.

Protect your skin from the sun.

The sun is extremely damaging to your skin.

If your grandma has 100 wrinkles, 90 of them were gifted by the sun.

So, use sun screen every day, rain or shine.

My favorite is Tatcha’s Pore Perfecting Sun Screen.

It’s smells great and is super light weight so it doesn’t make you feel greasy.

*Tatcha is not paying me to recommend this product. All products I recommend are based solely on what I think is best for you.

Keep your skin hydrated.

Dehydrated skin is tight skin.

Tight skin can be overstretched and tear.

Tears lead to fine lines.

Fine lines lead to wrinkles.

Also, dehydrated skin exposes the deeper, more delicate layer of your skin to the harsh sun.

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I Can Help You

I’ve tested hundreds of products on myself and thousands of others to find what works for every skin type and concern.

If you’re not seeing results with your current products, I can help you.

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Is It Time For New Products?

The products you use at home every single day have the biggest impact on your skin.

If you’re not seeing improvement, it’s time for new products.

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Her journey in skin care began at 16 when she was dealing with hormonal teenage acne. She felt like nothing was working for her and that she’d have to live with her skin as-is.

Fatima overcame her skin issues naturally and has since dedicated herself to helping others do the same.

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