My Story

It all began when I was just sixteen years old, dealing with hormonal teenage acne.

Like most people, I bought skin care products I’d see in advertisements but nothing worked for me.

Then, one fateful day, I tried a friend’s cleanser from LUSH Cosmetics and I was amazed by the way my skin looked and felt.

I went to the nearest Lush, asked a ton of questions and bought a bunch of products!

It turns out, the employee helping me was the manager of the store and before walking me out, she said, “It seems like you have a real passion for skin care, are you interested in working for us?”

The Love of Lush

I didn’t know anything about skin care products before getting hired at LUSH.

Honestly, I couldn’t have asked for a better first job because LUSH really takes pride in educating all of their employees.

On my first day, I was given a booklet that explains how each skin care product is made and which skin issues they’re good for.

I was obsessed! I went home that night read the entire booklet and every ingredient on LUSH’s ingredient finder.

I stopped thinking “which products do I need?” and started thinking “which ingredients do I need?”.

Still, I was nervous to work my first day on the floor.

I knew people would be coming in with skin problems of their own, looking to me for answers and I didn’t want to let them down.

Helping People

I knew, without a doubt, that I wanted to be an esthetician because I loved helping people feel beautiful in their skin.

My first week, I helped over one hundred people find products that worked for their skin.

It wasn’t long before people were bringing friends and family in to see me for skin care guidance and product recommendations.

The experience I gained through helping thousands of people solve their unique skin problems is something I will be forever grateful to LUSH for.

I honestly wouldn’t trade my 3 years at LUSH for anything.

Working For The Big Spas

I realized my philosophy was WAY different than most spas.

My number one priority is helping people.

But, the priority of most spas is money.

Try to make the most money from each client by up-selling treatments and skin care products.

After working at multiple spas I came to realize that if I wanted to provide people with the quality skin care service I felt they deserved, I’d have to start my own practice.

Skin By Fatima

I Started Skin By Fatima to Do Things The Way I Believed It Should Be Done.

I believe everyone deserves to feel comfortable and confident in their skin.

I believe everyone deserves unbiased guidance from a professional who treats skin like the delicate organ it is.

I believe everyone deserves knowledge on how to better care for their skin outside of the treatment room.

Big thank you to all of my clients, friends and family. You guys gave me the courage to start my own business and ultimately help people around the world. I could not have done it without your trust, love and support. A million times, thank you.

Natural Skin Care Products & Services In Burbank & All Over LA

Fatima is a licensed esthetician with almost a decade of experience working with top brands before founding Skin by Fatima.

Her journey in skin care began at 16 when she was dealing with hormonal teenage acne. She felt like nothing was working for her and that she’d have to live with her skin as-is.

Fatima overcame her skin issues naturally and has since dedicated herself to helping others do the same.

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