San Clemente, CA

Alright guys… look no further cause Fatima is the best! I had pretty bad cystic acne when I first went to her, and my face was just red and inflamed. I felt so self-conscious… all I wanted to do was hide my face with a baseball cap and cover it up with makeup. She was my last hope cause I felt like I had done everything from trying different products to seeing a previous esthetician before her (she wasn’t as helpful). So I had just about had it with my skin and I was starting to believe that I was just going to have to deal with my skin as is…

Until I saw Fatima, she gave me advice on what products would best benefit my skin type and was helpful every step of the way! She texted me products that were within my price range and even gave me some health and diet tips to help balance out my skin. I immediately made a trip to Sephora to buy the products that she recommended me and I’m not even lying guys… within a WEEK my skin was looking and feeling so much better. It just made me realize I was using all the wrong products for myself and not being as conscious as to what I was putting into my body through food. To this day she constantly checks up on me and asks how my skin is doing and if I need any new products. She’s the best and cares about ever single one of clients. If you have a chance definitely check her out!

She made me feel comfortable about being in my own skin again, and if you guys have dealt with acne then you know there’s no better feeling than gaining that confidence back

My Facial is Different

Everything about my facial is built around you and what’s best for your skin.

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Fatima is a licensed esthetician with almost a decade of experience working with top brands before founding Skin by Fatima.

Her journey in skin care began at 16 when she was dealing with hormonal teenage acne. She felt like nothing was working for her and that she’d have to live with her skin as-is.

Fatima overcame her skin issues naturally and has since dedicated herself to helping others do the same.

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